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In Hermann Hesse's Nobel prize winning book, the Magister Ludi was the supreme master of the Glass Bead Game. The modern masters of the game are the creators of plays and films. Everything in the work is relevant, nothing is extraneous.  If a gun is on the mantel in act one, it better go off by act three! The good guys are accompanied by white hats, upscale music, clear skies, and cute animals or children.  The bad guys are evoked with black hats, ominous music, dark scudding clouds, and scurrying rodents.  Every item is metaphorically related to every other item, and to the theme of the film.

An amusingly forced example is from the film Coming Home.  The returning crippled vet and the cheating wife are having an affair, and are shopping in the Lucky grocery store together.  Her uptight military husband, who had been planning to kill them, cannot handle the situation, is walking into the surf to kill himself.  As the couple are leaving, the sign on the door reads, "Lucky Out".