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Who Am I?

I love to discover hidden meanings and subtleties in creative works of art, music, and literature.  Reviews by scholars are sometimes very critical, and they seem to delight in finding flaws.  The creator's subtleties often go over the reviewer's heads, and they miss the beauty and the humor. 

These reviews are about works that have delighted me one way or another, and have been created by artists, musicians, poets, and writers.  They are just my take on the works, and I could be just projecting my own weird mindset...

I welcome comments, especially pointing out where you think my viewpoints are mistaken, or pointing out subtleties or alternate explanations I may have missed.

In intercourse with scholars and artists one readily makes mistakes of opposite kinds: in a remarkable scholar one not infrequently finds a mediocre man; and often, even in a mediocre artist, one finds a very remarkable man.

   - Friedrich Nietzsche