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Castaneda, Carlos - Tales of Power
  81 - The double dreams the self
  100 - We are not objects
  101 - Forced into the illusion, like in the 8th Duino Elegy
  109 - Difference between the ordinary man and the warrior
  227 - Sorcerer's explanation needn't be a secret, as personal power decides everything
  231 - The world is only a description
  233 - Key to all is stopping the internal dialogue. Helps are erasing personal history & dreaming
  235 - The buffer for the apprentice is temperance and strength
  236 - To erase personal history: lose self-importance, assume responsibility, use death as advisor
  238 - Meaningful transformations always in states of sober consciousness
  238 - Power plants only show possibilities by forcing the internal dialogue to stop
  240 - What matters is to arrive at the totality of oneself, not to learn a new description
  277 - While outside the body, to return to the world of order & pain is unappealing. QV NDE (Near Death Experience)
  285 - This lovely being (Earth) is alive to its last recesses and understands every feeling

McKenna, Terence - Food of the Gods

4 - Yoga too slow a path
7 - Language the key per shamans, similar to Wittgenstein's view
8 - Big Questions, shamans vs physicists
34 - Drugs more relevant than science
41 - Nature is a single cooperating organism
42 - Beyond language, or trans-linguistic
46 - Uniqueness of Man unstudied by science
50 - The World "petrified" by language
60 - Critics of Kubla Khan
93 - Intuition for the Mother Goddess
98 - The notion of "illegal plants" is ridiculous
137 - Pindar on Eleusis
154 - GBG: Female marijuana must be nurtured to return to a non-dominator life style
163 - Recreational drug use is counter-productive.  Society sees this also
178 - Soul of planet shrunken to the dimensions of a human being
229 - Hallucinogens equated with healing
263 - Physics honors subjectivity
265 - The sedated masses
266 - Government co-opted by fundamentalist right