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In a previous paper, I have gone into considerable detail on the profound connections between the Kabbalah and physics (Modern Physics & the Kabbalah, 04/10/2010). In this paper, I would like to show how adopting the model of the universe as promulgated in the Kabbalah shines a light on many of the current mysteries and paradoxes in physics. Please note that nothing in the conclusions of physics, the Kabbalah, or this paper should be considered factual, but only a model. In the scientific method, one tentatively adopts a model, and uses that model to explain phenomena. The efficacy of any model is determined by how well it matches experience and predicts future behavior. It is unscientific to claim that any finding is "true".

These mysteries & paradoxes will be addressed in this paper:

Is the universe infinite or finite?
Is there a center of the universe?
Is the universe eternal, or temporary?
Why is the speed of light a constant?
Why can't the speed of light be exceeded?
What is the mystery of quantum entanglement?
What is quark confinement?
Is there a scientific basis of telepathy?
What are coincidences?
Why is "life" not addressed by physics?
Are all properties emergent from fundamental particles?