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Who Am I?

Since I have this print in my bathroom, I look at it a lot.  The print is labeled "Etchings from the '347' series".  The etching is marked 25.3.68 (in mirror image, of course).

Some of the characters seemed obvious, so I tried to infer the identities of all of them.  I was surprised that it seemed so easy. 

If you think they are someone else, please let me know, I'm just guessing.

The large woman is Georgia O'Keefe.
Her hands, and much of her body details, are in sexually explicit mudras.
Though she denies it, she is often accused of painting vulvas.

The woman with her head up Georgia's crotch is Anais Nin.
Like her works, she is firmly and literally in the Delta of Venus.

The woman in the lower right with the proud unibrow is Frida Kahlo.
Her life was largely pain, and she is painfully squeezed in the corner.

The woman on the left is Isadora Duncan.
She is beautiful, graceful, and flirty, and we can't help but love her.

The tall man is don Quixote.
He is dressed as a knight, his hands form a shield against sin, and where his sword would be is his squire.

Sancho Panza, looking goofy, as would anyone with Isadora's bounty in his left ear, and I don't care to know what in his right.

Puck at the bottom center, happily resting on Isadora's soft nest.

The sad observer on the left is Henri Toulouse-Lautrec.
He is the only figure not connected in any part with the others.  It is only the sisterhood of the women who flow together.

A Glass Bead Game player would also notice the correspondences with the Kabbalah, the Trinity, and Freemasonry.

The associations with Wisdom, Strength, and Beauty, and with Jachin and Boaz, will be obvious to Freemasons and Kabbalists. Puck is precisely in the center, the Middle Pillar of Beauty, and the only character not the result of human reproduction.