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Generally, I attribute the symbolism I see in paintings as a deliberate revelation from the artist. On the other hand, when people attributed this to Georgia O'Keefe, for example, seeing women's bodies in the hills or vulvas in the flowers, Georgia denied this, saying, "I only paint what I see".  Still, Vincent being Vincent, all the symbolism could be completely unconscious.  Refering to the attitudes of Bernard and Gaugin, Vincent said that they were exasperated by certain people's photographic and empty perfection.

We are first astonished at Vincent's starscape, obvious yin and yang symbolism, and perhaps stars representing the seven heaven's.  But my attention was particularly drawn to what is on the earth beneath the stars.

The sky is filled with the symbolism of creation, God the Father and God the Mother entwined in the cosmic Yin and Yang.  Many have commented on this. I would like you to notice the hills directly below the yin-yang, which looks like a very pregnant woman, her head hidden by the flame-like cypress, but her breasts and distended abdomen are prominent. The steeple of the church in the foreground looks more like a sword or lance. It is the church that is forcefully separating the unborn child from the mother's nurturing breast.

Above, the holy union of the Father and Mother emanations of the Deity.  Below, the unholy interference of the church fathers. I think that Vincent did this deliberately, a scathing attack on the influence of the church.