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The classic Big Questions are "Where do we come from", "What are we", and "Where are we going".  The most compelling Big Question is "What are we", that is, the meaning and purpose of our life, why we exist at all.  People throughout history have been obsessed with these questions, but have only provided guesses with no justification.  They guess that the purpose is to be happy, or to glorify God, or there is no purpose (typical of modern philosophers and existentialists), or to avoid reincarnation, or to win the ultimate vacation in heaven, or they believe that the question is not answerable (the standard scientific view), or that each person must find his own purpose.  These are all from the limited viewpoint of man, and have nothing to say about God's possible motives, if God even exists.  No one makes any attempt to answer the most important question, Why?  What's in it for God?

Well, it really is rocket science!  What characterizes rocket science is its foundation in Systems Engineering.  Systems Engineering is unique among disciplines for its team approach, where the team members are knowledgeable in physics, electronics, biology, psychology, chemistry, structures, software engineering, geology, economics, meteorology, politics, astronomy, and astrophysics, to name a few.  No field is ignored or neglected, thus Systems Engineering is noted for its lack of bias and focus upon the search for the best solution to complex problems. 

Inside these pages is an interdisciplinary review of the findings of modern physics, philosophy and psychology, but informed by the long history of the mystics of every religion, shamanism, gnostics, the Kabbalah, Freemasonry and Rosicrucianism, without the irrational error of arrogantly dismissing any of these viewpoints without good cause.  Here we examine the biased and narrowly focused views of science, philosophy, religion, theology, mysticism, shamanism, art and literature from the completely unbiased and vastly broader viewpoint of the art and science of System of Systems Engineering with surprising and satisfying results.  When applied across all the schools of thought from this perspective, many of the Big Questions become addressable, especially what's in it for God.  Once this basic model is understood and used as a paradigm of reality, many scientific and religious paradoxes are easily resolved, many formerly unknowable questions can be answered, and much becomes startlingly obvious.