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The principles of Systems Engineering—holism, emergence, behavior, boundary, and so on—can be applied to any system, complex or otherwise, provided systems thinking is employed at all levels.
  - New World Encyclopedia, Rick Adcock: Principles and Practices of Systems Engineering

Look at all intellectual efforts, not just the sciences: 
  - God and the New Physics, p 225

The concept from the engineering standpoint is the evolution of the engineering scientist, i.e., the scientific generalist who maintains a broad outlook. The method is that of the team approach. On large-scale-system problems, teams of scientists and engineers, generalists as well as specialists, exert their joint efforts to find a solution and physically realize it...The technique has been variously called the systems approach or the team development method.
  - Harry H. Goode & Robert E. Machol, 1957

System of Systems Engineering is the methodology of choice for studying complex systems as a unified whole, and the critical driver which is the interconnections.  I show how physicists, theologians, philosophers, mystics, and shamans have blind spots, caused by assuming their methodology yields facts, rather than Models.  It uses a team approach, and does not denigrate any School of Thought, but rather seeks the value from each contribution, to form a tentative Model.  

Scientists formulate models from the dogma that only knowledge from sense data, the physical world, is relevant.  Theologians formulate models that only knowledge from revelations, basically the social world of revealed documents, is relevant.  Mystics formulate models that only knowledge from the spiritual world of personal gnosis is relevant.  In the Systems viewpoint, models are developed from all sources of knowledge without prejudice.  In the development of this thesis, it is recognized that the Model developed, like all other models, cannot be considered factual, but only a description.  Only in this way can we avoid the hubris which leads to superstition, intolerance, and fanaticism characterized by zealots in any School of Thought.