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The Standard Model of Physics is just an array of all known fundamental particles and forces, with a slight hierarchical arrangement, called generations of matter, based upon energy levels, while the Sephirot, or Tree of Life, is explicitly hierarchical with energies increasing with increasing closeness to the Absolute.

The following diagrams show the Standard Model of Physics and the Standard Model of the Kabbalah side by side. The Standard Model in physics refers to the grid of quarks, leptons, and bosons.  All matter is combinations of these.  The first three columns correspond to all matter.  The first column is matter as we observe it at normal energies.  Combinations of quarks give rise to protons and neutrons, and with the addition of electrons and neutrinos, comprise all the "particles" of matter that make up our everyday world of atoms, molecules, and us.  The next two columns describe matter at progressively higher energies, often only observed with massive high-energy colliders.  The last column corresponds to light and all forces, except gravity, which enables all these particles to hold together and allow us to see and feel them.   

The Kabbalah, on the other hand, is explicitly hierarchical, and shows the emanation of reality descending in real-time from the unknowable Absolute on top, to God the Father, God the Mother (Holy Spirit) and God the Son, down to the world of appearances, namely, our observables, at the bottom.

Note that the Standard Model of Physics is radically reductionist, showing that fundamental reality is in the smallest particles, and the world is created as emergent properties from this source.  This is known to scientists as "weak emergence", and is considered a reasonable, but so far unexplainable, model, especially with respect to life itself.  The Model of the Kabbalah is the reverse, and shows the world is an emanation of God, the emergent properties from God creating the world from the Source down.  This is known to scientists as "strong emergence", and is not well respected because it is too much like "magic", and physicists do not like anything that smacks of metaphysics.  Strong emergence seems to be a better candidate for the creation of anything.  Art, music, architecture, and all works of engineering start from a strong idea, and manifest under the guidance of some plan.  Bird nests, beaver dams, spider webs, and countless other examples in the real world point to strong emergence.  The idea that properties are somehow emergent from the accumulation of smaller parts strikes me as not only magic, but creepily black magic.

           Standard Model of PhysicsTree of Life of the Kabbalah

Because physics and theology are both attempts to explain the nature of the universe, and are therefore describing the same phenomena, it is inevitable that they are compatible views.

The diagram and detailed explanation of the Unified Model has been completed, and will be displayed here at an appropriate time...